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A rapidly growing importer and service provider, Aasri Pools Construction is engaged in a diverse spectrum of work-areas ranging from designing, construction, supply erection and commission of swimming pools & water treatment plants. It also provides a diverse array of services from swimming pool construction, maintenance, repairs, and more, and also supplies world class Swimming Pool Equipment, Special Pool Chemicals and Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems, Waterfall and Fountains, etc.

How we work

We have a dedicated team of designers to build pool & spa of any shape, style or theme, as well as technical personnel, who offer a high level of maintenance and repairs services tailored to suit your needs. Their focused commitment to develop new designs and provide the best quality products, driven by special turn-key approach to customer’s needs, have not only helped save customers save time & money, but have also attracted the attention of renowned Architects, landscapers, developers and promoters.

With over ten plus years of experience and sustained commitment to their work area, Aasri Pools Construction has only evolved into one of the leading players of its kind but has also successfully proved itself as a complete Water Management Company known for its world-class services in different sectors like Swimming Pool, Spa, Residential & Commercial RO Systems etc.


Because we:

  • Have a team of experienced professionals who embrace creative and architectural challenges.
  • Adopt a hands-on approach with pursuit of excellence.
  • Leverage the latest industry-leading technologies with solutions in all our works.
  • Remain focused on the customer and ensure friendly, reliable service.
  • Have an exceptional track record with a spotless reputation.



Completed Projects








The process begins with consultation with the client. This will see discussion on what the company can offer, what the client needs, and what can be done to meet the client’s needs. Following this, if some conclusion is arrived at, then a proposal is made to the client, detailing what could be the cost if the project needs to be undertaken.


If the proposal is accepted, the work process gets initiated. This will involve the requirements of design layout factoring in client’s needs, with room for improvements, upgrades, and features. The whole design process eventually comes down to its acceptance by the local municipal authorities with clearances for certain aspects.


Once accepted by the authorities concerned, then the pool design layout is again discussed. If changes required or new insertions needed, then the same is incorporated. Once done, then the package budget is discussed and a viable amount figure worked out to arrive at the final budget cost. In addition, the project duration is also discussed and the final time-period is arrived at.


The work gets underway with excavation at the site. The process will involve the usage of heavy excavation equipment’s and other such likes integral to the excavation process, all under the supervision of company’s excavation experts. The whole process could take a day or between two to four days, depending upon factors like weather conditions, the nature of the site, soil reclamation, hauling away stones and such likes, and so on. Once done, the next stage will be involved structural reinforcement process.


This will involve overhaul of the total pool plumbing system, comprising of a network of pipes that ferry water to and from the pool. From component fixing to elevation including water features, and so on, the whole process goes in line with the pool’s capacity and size of the pool pumps.


The project now enters an interesting and fascinating phase. It will involve installation of all tiles and decorative stone materials culminating in the formation of a beautiful presentation that details the pool’s look.


It involves testing of the functionality of all installed components. This is followed by the plaster start-up process which can last for seven days and involves testing of the swimming pool by the technician to affirm that the pool is indeed functioning well.


The pool’s interior is given the finishing touches with trowels used to knead the surface onto the approved design. This is followed by concrete coating that is applied to the pool’s floor and walls. Then the water is let into the pool.


This involves decking installation wherein space and functionality aspects are worked out and fine-tuned. Then the final coat of painting is applied to the deck, making sure that the paint adds shine to the pool (the paint drying process can take 12 -24 hours).

Client has the options of choosing the best pool decking type that can stand the test of time.


It is the last and final phase. It involves landscaping the pool environs. This could take around 7 days depending upon the picked layout style and dimension.