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Our Stylish TILES Give Your SWIMMING POOL That Winning Finishing Touch

    A fully tiled swimming pool will not only look and feel the best but can also made economical in the long run with glass and ceramic surfaces added to heat insulation. Further, a fully tiled finish applied to the swimming pool, will look the ultimate garden and bring the most pleasure.

    In case, you’re considering having some new tiling to your pool or spa, then we are well-positioned to supply and fix all manner of tiles to your pool and even provide ‘special’ mosaic works of art that apply to you personally. For instance, if you’re looking to refurbish your old pool, we can install a new water level tile band; say with ‘Roman’ or ‘Greek’ key patterns.


    We also make it possible to include a motif, say a star, seahorses and dolphins, and can also create even your family ‘coat of arms’. Furthermore, contrasting step lines, lane runs and wall base borders can be supplied on request.